Mar 27, 2017

Thank You Gary Budzenski

Gary was born in Detroit and grew up in the Toledo area.  He met his wife Donna in college and they moved to West Michigan in 1980.  They have raised 3 sons.

Gary enjoys working around the house and on cars, but his new passion is playing the piano which he started just 6 years ago.  His piano time has turned into more then just a hobby right now.  

Gary is an avid swimmer, but did not learn to swim until he was 39 years old!  Gary stays active by riding his bike (which has been his primary means of transportation to get to work at 5am through good weather and bad), swimming and running.  

So what will keep Gary busy now?  He will be busy working on his house to prepare it to sell and move out of the area as he pursues his piano passion.  He will also be working on learning Haydn's Piano Sonata In E Flat Major well enough to pass a college entrance audition.  We wish to Gary and his family the very best in all of their future endeavors!  Thank you Gary!