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Meet Kim Wydeck

Kim is a familiar face to many members of the SLCFAC as she works both in Little Lakers Activity Center as well as at the front desk.  Kim has been a part of the SLCFAC team for over two years and always works hard to make sure that everyone's visit is the best possible.

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Thank You Gary Budzenski

For the past 2 years, Gary has been a part of the SLCFAC lifeguard team working the early morning pool shifts.  This Friday, March 31 Gary will be retiring from the SLCFAC.  We can't thank Gary enough for being so dependable and making sure that everyone has been kept safe.

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Spring Fitness by Kim Evans, Personal Trainer/Group Exercise Instructor

Daylight is stretching out longer and that gives you the opportunity to get outside at the end of the day and take a walk or a bike ride after dinner.  There is a plethora of biking trails, beaches to walk on and woods to hike in.


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