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Spring Fitness by Kim Evan, Personal Trainer/Group Exercise Instructor

Daylight is stretching out longer and that gives you the opportunity to get outside at the end of the day and take a walk or a bike ride after dinner.  There is a plethora of biking trails, beaches to walk on and woods to hike in.

If your kids are playing a spring sport and your evenings are spent at the soccer field or baseball diamonds while they practice, take advantage of that time to get a workout in.  Bring a jump rope or hand weights to use for a quick circuit workout alternating cardio and strength moves.  Gather up the other parents and walk around the fields or parking lots while your kids get their practice in.

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Meet Mary Sue Farmer

Mary Sue Farmer is a personal trainer and group exercise instructor at the SLCFAC and has been a part of the team since the facility opened.

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SL and Series Indoor Triathlon Results

The 2017 Spring Lake Indoor Triathlon Indoor Triathlon and West Michigan Indoor Series Results!


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